FAQs and Contact

Please e-mail us here if you have any questions, but here are some FAQs that might help.

What do I need to bring?
You, a bike, bike lights, possibly something to sit on.

Will there be anything to buy?
Yes! Our usherettes will be selling popcorn and other treats. If you'd like to bring a beer, that's OK, but please take empties home for recycling. Leigh Woods is a beautiful natural space and we're going to treat it with respect.

Do I have to cycle? 
You're welcome to walk. Remember that there will be lots of cyclists en route, so wear something visible and bring a torch.

How far will I have to ride?
Not too far! We'll guide you there from our start point by the bridge.

Can I dress up?
Get that intern a Speedo.

Both Jaws and The Life Aquatic have strong visual themes. Please riff off these as you see fit. If you feel like turning up with a red cap and a guitar and singing Bowie songs in Portuguese..... we would be delighted!