What to do when you've paid/instructions

Once you've paid.....

Please print out your PayPal payment confirmation and bring it along. You need to exchange it for 'proper' tickets before we ride out to the cinema.

Now for the fun bit...

We want you to meet at the Clifton Side of the Suspension Bridge. The postcode is BS8 3PA, but it should be pretty obvious if you approach the bridge from town. 

Be there at 7:30pm on the night of the film. (Friday 3rd July for The Life Aquatic, Saturday 4th for Jaws). 

Bring yourself, your bike with lights (it'll be dark, on the way home), something to sit on and some cash if you fancy buying cinema treats from our lovely usherettes. Dress for the weather. Hopefully it'll be lovely and warm and dry, but you'll be sat still outdoors, so bring a lovely warm blanket/down jacket etc. Lycra is great for long bike rides, but you'd get cold watching a film!

The cinema is an easy 15 minute ride from the start and we'll guide you there. Even if you've got inside info and know where it is, please meet at the start so that we can sort out tickets.

Look forward to seeing you!